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Create Lasting Memories: Design a Swimming Pool Perfect for Family Fun

by Bryan Jones

Your swimming pool has the potential to be a great hangout spot for your family and friends. Be it pool parties, swim workouts, or just cooling down on a scorcher of a day, a swimming pool brings people together. It’s a centrepiece for you and yours to make memories and have fun while keeping fit. The swimming pool design can help tweak the standard pool into a delightful oasis ready for activities and wholesome family fun. Here is a look at the ultimate guide to swimming pool design.

Size and Style

First up is the size consideration. How much space do you have to work with? What activities do you foresee happening in the pool? Adult relaxation? Children’s play? Both? Versatility is important in this consideration, so your pool dimensions can cover both users while allowing plenty of space for games and pool toys.

Safety Splash 

Few things are worse than slipping in the pool area. A tumble on a slippery area sopped by pool water can leave you with a nasty gash or bruises, ruining an otherwise beautiful day. Design the pool to incorporate non-slip surfaces on the deck. Keep a first aid kit handy in case the worst happens. Also, fencing the pool area and using self-closing gates should be considered to prevent toddlers and children from wandering over without adult supervision.

Splash n’ Slide 

Water jets and fountains are fun features that positively influence the pool experience and add to the overall fun. Additionally, they add to the visual and auditory aesthetic of the house, thus causing an uptick in your house’s value. Your swimming pool design should tastefully integrate these water features to provide a different way to entertain the family. A splash zone can also be added to the pool’s design so kids can play safely. Throw in a slide or two in the mix for a fun entry, and look into diving boards suitable for the chosen pool specifications. Ensure all these features meet safety standards to facilitate a great pool experience.

Lounging Luxury

Where do you go when you need a break from the pool but aren’t entirely done swimming? Your pool design should solve this using built-in benches, lawn chairs, pergolas, or umbrellas. These take poolside relaxing a notch higher and form a ready perch to supervise your kids’ aquatic activities.

Easy Access

Accessibility considerations for your design include using handrails, which add to safe pool access. Rails can also be installed around the pool to provide handholds if fatigue kicks in and you need to catch your breath for a minute. Different entry options, such as gradual slopes or shallow steps, can also be implemented to help kids and elderly pool users get in and out of the pool hassle-free. 

Entertainment Enhancements

Underwater lighting and waterproof sound systems are tweaks you want to add to your pool for an enhanced swim experience. Not only do they add to the ambience, but they also level up your pool area, turning your house into an instant destination for pool parties. Your pool design should also consider adjacent areas, encouraging a logical flow of space from the home to the patio or outdoor dining area. Furthermore, an outdoor grilling station can be added to whip up meals by the poolside on sunny days.

These ideas may be used to level up the humdrum family pool and turn it into an aquatic paradise filled with tons of swimming and memories for your family and friends. Keep an open mind, consider your different pool users, and above all, maintain safety while designing your swimming pool,

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