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Cost Of Multiple Implants In Maroubra: Exploring Your Options

by Bryan Jones

Multiple implants in Maroubra options are a permanent solution for people who have lost several or all of their teeth. The benefits of multiple implants include preventing orthodontic anomalies and enhancing a person’s appearance. However, implants’ costs remain prohibitive, and patients require tips on handling the expenses to enjoy these benefits.

How to Handle Multiple Implants’ Costs

Dental implants are cosmetic surgery in many regions; sometimes, patients do not receive medical insurance to cover them. That compounds the financing issue when a patient requires multiple implants. 

Consider the following tips when preparing to book an appointment for numerous implants:

Procedures Involved

Installing dental implants is a lengthy treatment involving several appointments and procedures at a dentist’s clinic. Depending on the nature of the services offered, each visit often has different fees. 

It starts with the initial consultation, during which the dentist performs the initial examination and confirms whether the patient needs implants. This appointment can involve X-rays to check the condition of the jawbone and the other teeth. 

At this point, the patient should get an overview of the procedure until the implants are installed. The dentist helps the patient understand the time frames and costs involved. The doctor also gives the patient alternatives to implants, including their pros and cons, for the patient to consider.

Subsequent appointments involve surgery and related procedures such as sedation. Sometimes, if the surrounding teeth have suffered trauma or decay, the patient has to add tooth extraction or root canal to the implant’s bill. Some patients may require a gum graft.

After the surgery, the patient requires aftercare dental appointments spanning up to six months to confirm the proper healing of the wound and fusing the implant with the jawbone. The patient also pays for dental bridges or crowns, the final procedure for installing dental implants. Crowns are often the most expensive aspect of dental implant procedures.

Type of Implants’ Material

The materials used for dental implants include ceramic, zirconia, PFM, and titanium. Dentists have a pricing schedule for each for each. Zirconia costs more than titanium, while titanium is the most common material. 

The patient should enquire about the benefits of each material, such as aesthetics and durability. That will help them choose a permanent solution that will not require other costs for replacement or repair.

Payment Options

Patients should explore the terms and conditions of their healthcare payment options to support the payment for this expensive procedure. Payment options include cash payments, dental office payment plans, in-house financing options, and health insurance.

Location of Dental Clinic

The costs involved in installing dental implants vary across Australia. Dentists in big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane charge more than those in rural areas and smaller towns. Compare the costs of different doctors in the same locality to get an affordable deal.

Suppose a patient decides to travel to get that treatment. In that case, they should consider that travel and accommodation expenses for several visits can eat into any savings made in visiting dentists in areas that charge less than big cities.

Compare with Alternative Procedures

Some patients may not be able to get dental implants when they need them. They can consider alternatives such as bridges and dentures. These offer an advantage in mitigating tooth loss problems, though they lack the permanence of dental implants.


Although dental implants are expensive, they are a cost-effective and long-term investment in a beautiful smile. They improve chewing ability, which supports a varied and balanced diet for good health. Patients should explore favourable payment schedules with their doctors and relevant medical cover schemes to enjoy the benefits of multiple dental implants.

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