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How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis for Your Dissertation?

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Crafting a dissertation is a very demanding and complex task that is to be accomplished by the students in their coursework in the degree program. It is seen that all the advanced degrees have this practice as an integral part of the curriculum. A dissertation is the culmination of research and hard work of the students for a period. Many things are to be evaluated by the researchers while doing the research in the context of the data. All the chapters have different points to discuss which means the analysis procedure will be very tough. There are many sorts of analysis processes that are being used in the journey of writing a dissertation to make it more meaningful and impressive. Dissertation Help has become the go-to place for the students as they find it a very reliable service that fits in the budget criteria for the students.

What is a meta-analysis?

Meta-analysis is a term that pinpoints the statistical analysis of the data with the help of the primary studies that are independent. It is typically focused on a similar sort of question whose main aim is to generate an estimate in the context of the quantitative study. This is to be done in the set format so that it can provide accurate outcomes which is very much needed in the research project. Meta analysis is observed that it has become an integral part of any research as it helps in highlighting important questions. It is stated that Meta-analysis is a process that refers to the culmination of the received results of different studies in place to reach a piece of evidence. Essay Writing Service makes sure to deliver the most original content in the document that is being prepared by the writers of their service.

Learn the Crucial Steps for Conducting a Meta-Analysis in Your Dissertation!

Step 1: Defining the Research Question

It is the first step in the process where the researcher needs to define the research questions that are going to be addressed in the study. It is always advised to define them very clearly so that they can be understood by all the audience.

Step 2: Literature Search

It is a step that is very similar to the literature review. Here also you need to conduct it very systematically without making any errors so that you can identify the gaps. The meta-analysis should be clear in the minds so that it can be implemented accurately.

Step 3: Selection of the size of the measure

It is observed that the two common forms of the meta-analysis effect size measures in the studies. This related to management are correlation coefficients and differences in the standardised mean. It is said that the meta-analysis in the field of management science and fields. These are similar to it may not be restricted to these two forms of effect size but instead, it relies on the investigation done of the subfield.

Step 4: Choosing the Analytical Method

Next comes the section phase of the Analytical Method which is to be done very carefully. It is believed that the selection of the Analytical Method is something that is associated with the research questions. It is seen that four different sorts of Analytical Methods are being used in management research.

Step 5: Selecting the software

After completing the above steps, it is the time when you have to select a particular software for executing the meta-analysis. Make sure to select the one that is suitable to your study and has high proficiency in delivering accurate results. It is a very crucial step as there are several software available in the market. Do not select any random software.

Step 6: Coding of Sizes

This is said to be the first step in the entire process of coding. It is related to the design of the coding sheet that is part of the process. This is observed that there is no universal template that exists in the system. It is stated that the design of the coding sheet relies on the methods that are being used in analysis. Be very careful while selecting the sizes of coding as it depends on many factors.

Step 7: Analysis

This is the time when the actual analysis of the result needs to be done. So that it can figure out whether it is desirable for the study or not. It is to be done very efficiently to keep all the things on track and to make the dissertation meaningful. There is a proper way of doing the analysis which is to be followed for sure to attain the authenticity.

Step 8: Presenting Results

Lastly, you have to present all the results that you have received from performing the entire process of analysis. It should be demonstrated clearly so that it can be understood by everyone without any issues. Make sure that you do not exaggerate the points as it will make it complex. Presentation indeed plays a big role in making something look attractive and that is to be implied here as well.


It can be said that the entire concept of the Meta-Analysis is a very useful analysis technique. Meta analysis is being opted by all the researchers. There is a proper structure for performing this task that needs to be taken into account while executing it in the process. All the variables are to be placed in the right position to get the expected results as one small mistake or the wrong displacement of the constraint can affect the results. The tools that are available to perform this analysis make it easier to carry out the whole process easily. Talking about the Assignment Helper then it is a support system that is available for the students. It is very essential for the students to make an impressive dissertation. So that it can attract the attention of the readers and they make up their minds to read till the end.

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