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Family Safaris in Africa – Things to Consider When Traveling with Kids

by Bryan Jones

Planning a trip to Africa with family for a memorable Safari is exciting. This is an unforgettable experience. Spotting wildlife, the Big Five animals, and getting close to nature. It is the best way of introducing the natural world to your kids and bringing them close to it. You plan a lot when traveling with kids on an ordinary vacation. Needless to say, luxury African safari tours require excessive preplanning.

Safari trips are unpredictable; thus, you should be well-prepared. Here are a few things to consider when booking family safaris in Africa. 

1. Choose the Right Destination

Not all safari destinations are suitable for all age groups. Kids scream and make noise. It is difficult to manage them when they see something exciting. If you’re on a wild safari trip, it is unsafe to bring kids along. Some parts of Africa experience harsh and unpredictable weather situations. It takes a lot of time to reach the destination from the airport, which can be tiring for kids. From a family point of view, you need a destination with good infrastructure, an insect-free zone, and child-friendly lodges with milder weather conditions. For example, Namibia is a good option for family safaris in Africa. 

2. Age-Related Activities

It’s crucial to consider your children’s age when selecting a safari. Numerous luxury African safari tours provide kid-related activities, such as walking on trails with guides, games, and spotting wildlife, but for herbivorous animals like rabbit, deer, elephant, etc. there are several other games arranged for kids that keep them busy all day giving the couple some quality time. Always enquire about the minimum age requirements for specific activities from the safari lodge or tour operator to ensure they’re also part of the safari tour.

3. Accommodation

The choice of safari lodge plays an important role in how your family trip will be. Look for lodges that provide family suites or connected rooms. You can also look for safari lodges with amenities/services like personalized cuisine for kids, swimming pools, and gaming area. You will generally find high-end safari lodges in Africa with these facilities, which ensures that families can enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

4. Safety

It is vital to consider the health and safety of your family. Find out from a medical professional what vaccines and medications are necessary. Staying in nature is not easy. There are insects, mosquitoes, snakes, etc., that can be harmful to any family member, including you. First and foremost, get your kids vaccinated to keep them safe from malaria and pox. Also, confirm from your airline if you need a medical prescription to carry those medicines along. Select family safaris in Africa that are in malaria-free regions to minimize health risks. Choose lodges that have sufficient medical facilities and staff. It is essential to take precautions by booking campsites that are properly fenced and guided tours with tranquilizers to guarantee your family’s safety when seeing animals.

5. Essentials Required 

Your planning should start a month before the trip begins. The best way of doing this is by preparing a list of all the things that you would need during your luxury African safari tours. Keep the list handy and mention all items as they come to mind. For example, 

  • Bring breathable, comfy, climate-appropriate clothes
  • Carry 2-3 bottles of sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh weather
  • Carry sunglasses and hats to protect your kids from UV rays. 
  • Carry your own first aid kit and insect repellents. 
  • Carry your camera and binoculars for kids so that they can spot all wild animals from afar. 

You can also call the Safari Lodge to find out what items will be necessary and what items they will provide during the trip. This way you can create a better list of essentials required. 

6. Transportation 

Bringing kids on a safari tour means planning proper logistics in advance. No matter where you’re coming from, to enjoy family safaris in Africa, you will have to travel to isolated places and uneven, bumpy roads. Kids are fragile, and they may not be able to withstand harsh traveling. Hence, you will have to arrange several things in advance. Direct flight to the destination is best to reduce the traveling flight. You can also book a luxury cab from the airport or request the lodge to provide a transportation facility. This will help your kids to sit comfortably and relax. 

7. Wildlife Education

A safari trip can be an educational trip for children. Choose your luxury African safari tours that include educational programs and guided tours so that kids can learn about wildlife conservation and the eco-cycle. Several lodges offer knowledgeable guides who can teach children the importance of protecting wildlife and its habitats. These interactions can be educational and enjoyable, and they have the potential to spark a lifelong love for nature among kids. 


If you want to enjoy a trip with kids, you will have to think from their perspective. Proper preplanning is necessary for an enjoyable trip. Customized experience often meets the family’s requirements. 

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